Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Cyber Threat Intelligence Framework - Sharing threat intelligence across industries


I'd like to share my thoughts/idea on an approach/framework which would enable organisations to obtain threat intelligence information across different industries.

As described on my previous post, there is a mechanism/approach which an organisation could leverage to obtain threat intelligence from different data sources.

The idea is to share certain feed/s (from an organisation - risk based decision again) to a "centralised/external" repository aka "Collaborative Threat Intelligence Platform (CTIP)" which would not only just receive "similar" data feeds from other organisations, but also provide Intel/information back to them.

Following is the framework which an organisation may choose to collaborate with other industries - to achieve a collaborative threat intelligence framework.

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  1. Hi Beenu.
    Remember over a year ago when we tossed this out. Maybe we should productise it. :P